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Pilltan, Inventor of Modern and smart sports equipment
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About Us

In this branch of the Five Meteors company we offer consultancy and science based solutions, practical and technological services to design, produce and develop goods and services with the vision of commercialization and continuous development.
Any customer enquiry for utilizing new techniques and technologies for manufacturing and production of goods and services is handled with utmost professionality by our team of experts and practical solution-based offers will be generated in the form a consultancy or innovation package.
A few of our accomplished projects in this field includes but not limited to:

-CARO driving simulator
-SkyPad Flight simulator
– PillTan isoinertial sports equipment
-2DoF welding robot

CARO Racing Simulator

Realistic and exciting racing experiences have been prepared by the CARO racing simulator that could provide extraordinary entertainment time for user. The simulator tries to simulate motions and forces on a driver in a real time.

Skypad Flight Simulator

Design and development of modern aircraft makes extensive use of flight simulation. SkyPad is two degrees of freedom (2DOF) 360° extended robot with one big LED TV, and a professional racing seat as well as safety belts.

2DoF Welding Robot

The design and construction of the 2DoF portable robot is for welding all types of surfaces in horizontal and vertical modes. The system also has the ability to weld continuously and discontinuously and carry the cutting nozzle.

PillTan Isoinertial Products

Whether your goal is to improve athletic performance, prevent or rehabilitate an injury or improve your general health and fitness, flywheel training devices offer a number of important advantages.

Our Team
SourinTech, is an Iranian corporation headquartered in Tehran. It was established and began its journey in 2014. SourinTech has stepped into the robotic world with the motto of Smart and Innovative Systems, and been able to demonstrate this vision discussed further below. As a knowledge-based company, their focus place on robotics, intelligence, automation of industrial systems, designing, and manufacturing interdisciplinary industrial machines. Several capable engineers and top university graduates cooperate to complete the design and manufacturing of the prototypes, and eventually the new technologybased productions. Plenty of skillful concept designers have sent their interest and applications, and are currently behind the doors wishing to join the team. SourinTech is proud of offering a wellconceived range of products manufactured in modern facilities with advanced technologies. Chief among the achievements would perhaps be the ability to locally develop complex novel technologies with the absence of sponsors, investors, and financial resources for systematic R&D purposes. Equally important, SourinTech is well-recognized in the design and manufacturing of ‘racing games simulators’ as well as ‘flight simulators’ and sport smart and advanced equipment as well as ‘Isoinertial devices’. SourinTech succeeded in commercializing these products. Professional design and manufacturing quality products resulted in good international reputation. Having commitment to both unremitting R&D and continuous improvement, this company is seeking more opportunities to compete in the world’s larger markets.